Kandi Koated Diva

Kandi Burruss expands her portfolio and builds wealth with adult toys and new talent show


Ever since Kandi Burruss’ arrival on the popular reality show the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we knew that this southern belle was more about her business and less about foolishness.  Instead of name calling and back stabbing we were re-introduced to the former member of Xscape who had apparently been hard at work crafting songs for the likes of TLC and other A-tier performers while raising her daughter as a single parent.  The Grammy award-winning songwriter is now using her new-found reality-TV stardom to grow her Kandi Koated Entertainment into the next multi-million dollar brand.

The singer-turned-mogul has kept busy by launching a series of strategic business ventures and effectively using each new season to showcase her growing empire.  Fans of the show get treated to an inside glimpse of her rapidly expanding enterprises such as  her own clothing boutique, TAGS; her sex and relationships website, KandiKoatedNight.com; her own top-selling Spades card-game app with Konsole Kingz, and her own spin-off show, The Kandi Factory.  She also continues to stay involved in the music industry such as with the 2010 release her sophomore solo album, Kandi Koated …and who can forget Don’t Be Tardy for the Party?!

Click here to check out her interview on BlackEnterprise.com as they talk with Burruss about how she’s diversified her business interests, how she’s found more success behind the scenes, and why it’s important to have multiple streams of income in building wealth.